Below is a general synopsis of how the cost of our most popular services are calculated. This information is provided for your review and understanding. It is the intention of Brookline Moving Co. to make all of our relocation service charges known to you inadvance in the most transparent way possible. If you have any question at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

All rates and charges and related information for intrastate moving services are contained in our tariff, approved by and filed with the State of Massachusetts. All rates and charges and related information for interstate moving services are contained in a separate tariff as required by the Federal Government. Both tariffs are available for your review as required by law.


Intrastate moving services (within the state)

Intrastate Moving Services (within the state) are calculated on an hourly basis. Time starts upon arrival at the origin address, continues through any pick up(s) or drop off(s), if applicable, and ends upon completion of services at destination address, plus a mileage charge, based upon the mileage from origin to destination. Mileage charge will be in terms of time, such as 1.0 or 1.5 hours, etc. Collective total of labor time and mileage charge will be multiplied by a specific hourly rate. Hourly rate will be determined by number of people and number of vehicles used to provide service. When scheduling your moving appointment, we will provide you with current hourly rate(s) and specific mileage charge.


Interstate moving services (state to state)

Interstate moving services are calculated much differently. Estimated costs are based primarily on weight of shipment and mileage involved. Normally, an inhome estimate will be provided. A written estimate based on weight will be presented, outlining requested services and related costs. Final cost will be calculated on an actual weight basis, usually subject to a specific minimum weight charge. Payment terms vary. Most often, we request 50% of estimated cost at pick up and remainder of actual costs, in certified funds, at delivery.


Packing Materials, Packing Services, etc

Packing materials, packing services, unpacking services, shrink wrapping, bagging, custom crating, unpacking services, etc. are calculated on a per item or per carton, actual usage basis. At time of estimate or order, specific, current price(s) will be provided. Note: we offer free delivery of materials, on account, for all confirmed moving customers. Pick and choose, use what you need, return what you don’t, and settle up on moving day.


Storage services

Storage services are calculated on a space consumption basis. Storage terms are quoted on a monthly basis, with the monthly charge due in advance. Storage charges are for rental of space only. We offer regular and controlled storage services. Controlled storage services typically result in about a 25% increase in cost. At time of estimate or at conception of storage services, current price(s) will be provided.


Delivery Services (retail)

Delivery services are usually performed on a contract service basis. We would appreciate the opportunity of discussing your specific needs. If applicable, we would present you with an initial written cost analysis. Upon your approval, we would provide an extremely specific services and rates contract, for our mutual benefit.


Other Related Services

Related services, such as piano moving, hoisting, lowering, disposal, drop off to charity, etc. will vary greatly by circumstance. Prices will be quoted on a case by case basis.




Payment terms are most frequently COD. In most cases, cash, checks and credit cards are accepted. Generally speaking, payment is due incrementally as service(s) are provided. Any payment terms, other than COD, must be approved by Brookline Moving Co. prior to the services being rendered.