INTERNATINAL MOVING COSTS - A guide to selecting the right mover

Get started in finding out your international moving cost:

  • Gather a list of all your items, decide what you will pack yourself, and if you'd like any packing services
  • Research moving companies, read their reviews, ask friends for recommendations
  • Get at least 3 moving quotes, request an in-home estimate!

Calculating international moving costs tips:

  • Try not to underestimate what has to be moved!

    The more items you omit, the more likely it is that you will get charged more after your move. Try to make a list with all the items which need to be moved. When you make a list with all the things you need to move, it is easier to calculate the moving costs before your international move.

  • Extra charges or additional transportation

    Extra charges on moving costs you calculated before your move can be likely incurred. For moving heavy things such as a piano or a car or uncoupling appliances a extra costs can be charged.

  • Focus on quality of quotes

    When looking for the cheapest quote doesn’t always guarantee you of great quality of work, as some movers may overlook items or special needs. Your move could become more expensive. Be sure that all your items are carefully noted and calculated.


Experienced Boston international movers

You can entrust your move to Brookline Moving Company. They are able to suggest a wide range of services to help you with a successful international move.

Before choosing, remember the moving tips. When you pick your company, describe fully the services that you need. We will offer you the best value for a competitive price for the services that you need, so you can be sure that your moving costs are not too high. Pick the company which meets your needs best.

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